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GB Time: January 14th, 2022 - January 31th, 2022
Estimated Delivery:  Q3 2022


  • Sandblasted Diamond Cut Mammoth Weight
  • Special Gasket Structure 
  • Aluminum, Magnet Knob

Brief info

  • Typing angle: 6.5 degrees. 
  • Front Height: 19.5 mm 
  • Weight (unbuilt): 520 g
  • Case Material: Aluminum 
  • Mounting Method: Gasket Mount
  • Package Weight: 1 kg

PCB Specifications:

  • Wired Hot-swap PCB: 1.2mm thick 
  • QMK / VIA support: Yes
  • In-switch LEDs: No
  • Underglow: No
  • ESD Protection: Yes

Kit Contents: 

  • Top Case, Bottom Case (Anodized Aluminum)
  • PC Plate 
  • WS Stabs 3×2U
  • Hotswap PCB, wired
  • PORON gaskets 
  • PORON dampener between plate and PCB
  • PORON foam between PCB and switches
  • PORON foam under PCB
  • Aluminum knob
  • Magnet base
  • Encoder holder
  • Screws and rubber feet 

A standard sized, widely available LiPo battery is required for Bluetooth editions but it's not included with the kit. You can source it on your own.

Battery Specifications:
Mammoth75: 3543114
Mammoth20: 303450

US: CannonKeys
Oceania:Daily Clack
Middle EU: Mykeyboard
Singapore: iLumkb
Philippines: Zion Studios
Taiwan: Inpad
Thailand: Gamingplanet
Vietnam: Taobaosop
Rest of the world: Wuque StudioGB for Knobs 

GB for Knobs

There will be a separate GB for the knobs after this GB. There will be community knobs and bespoke knobs. We will share some designs and let the community vote for community knob and accept personal knob design as bespoke one. The knob design vote will start before this GB ends.


Quality Disclaimer: 

Micro scratches that are only visible in just the right angle of lighting, small scratches inside the keyboard case, or dents on the case that are not visible when the keyboard is fully built. These are normal and within our quality acceptance.